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Why pay a visit to Oscar Wilde house

by granitewordpress
16 February 2018 · 2 min read
Oscar Wilde Dublin

Oscar Wilde was born on October 16th in 1854 at Number One Merrion Square in Dublin 2. He is part of the prestigious list of Trinity College attendees and is a popular literary figure in late Victorian England renowned for its brilliant wit and style.

The Oscar Wilde house is not often mentioned on touristic books or blogs but if you are visiting the Georgian quarter; Merrion Square you will notice his statute at the west corner of the Park facing his house where the family lived until 1878.

In 1994 the American College Dublin took possession of the building and thanks to a donation from Tina and William E.Flaherty and the City of New York, they undertook a series of restoration work under the guidance of Ellen Ross Sarafian, Curator of the Oscar Wilde House.

On the American College Dublin website, we can read that “The Oscar Wilde House restoration project involved the revival of traditional crafts to repair plasterwork and joinery and restore the original stone and wooden floors found throughout the house. The hall, stairs, landing and first floor have all been decorated with period paints and antique mirrors, rugs and fabrics. Reproduction furniture of Irish Georgian design was specially commissioned for the house and was modelled on the furniture found in many of the historic houses around Ireland.”

Unfortunately, the house is not open to the public but only for groups by appointment. So here is a sneak peek at the inside:

The ground floor has been preserved, classes are held on the second and third floor. Did you know that when Oscar was a child the house had six live-in servants and two governesses? In addition to the famous salon and the dining room, they are a consulting room and Oscar’s dad study which is home to an impressive collection of historic surgical instruments (loaned by the Royal College of Surgeons).

It is worth it to pay a visit to Oscar Wilde house because the building is a beautiful example of Georgian architecture with many remarkable cornices and architraves throughout.

While in this area we recommend you to visit the National Gallery. Whether you like art or if you like design and architecture the Gallery is a must-see. It has completed a long restoration process and the different rooms founded their past glory.

Also, if you fancy a stroll why not wonder at Merrion square and admire the beautiful flower beds and pay your respect to the Oscar Wilde statute.

If you are staying at our hotel the house is just around the corner! Otherwise, you can stop at Pearse Station also located next to The Alex Hotel Dublin 2.

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