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New menu @ The Carriage, The Alex Hotel

10 June 2019 · 3 min read
Three delicious dinner options at The Alex Hotel

The Carriage, which is located around the corner from Merrion Square has something for everyone with Food and Beverage Manager, Thomas Stinton, and Head Chef, Michael Liu having carefully considered every need of guests, foodies and members of the public for any time of day.

A new, delicious, all-day menu has launched at The Carriage, the restaurant of The Alex Hotel.

The new menu has a broad selection; from salads and sambos to burgers and stir-fry’s, there is a wide range of delicacies to choose from to put hunger and cravings at bay. It is available all day long from 12pm – 10pm.

For salad lovers there is ‘The Salad Bowl’, which allows diners to choose a selection of different salads to make up one hearty salad, combining it with a protein such as grilled soy beef, grilled chicken, tiger prawns, salmon or turkey patty along with a side of hummus, pesto, tapenade or guacamole. This is a salad like no other and The Salad Bowl is sure to leave diners feeling content and satisfied.

If it’s a sandwich one fancies there is the ‘Sambo Section’, with a tasty variety to choose from made up of fresh loafs, sourdough bread and ciabattas with gluten free options available and a wide variety of fillings to tackle every taste bud. Acquiring fresh, Irish produce and ingredients is something that’s really important to The Alex team, and this freshness is evident throughout the revamped menu.

There is also ‘The Classics’ section when one is looking for a little bit more. No explanation required the classics like fish and chips, hearty burgers, juicy steak, Thai curry and delicious stir frys, along with more, will ensure there is something on the menu for everyone at any time.

Options and alternatives for those with intolerances

One of the inspirations for this menu came from the knowledge that there are intolerances and allergies suffered by many everyday and almost everything on the menu can be substituted to a suited, alternative option. Thomas, Food and Beverage manager who personally has developed both a gluten and dairy intolerance understands the necessity for having a suitable menu for those with intolerances, “Throughout my career in the hospitality industry, I have seen a major increase in gluten and dairy intolerances therefore the majority of the menu is naturally gluten & dairy free and  everything has alternative options”.

A vegan first menu – a new concept

As well as intolerances, there are more and more vegetarians and vegans seeking suitable eateries therefore there are vegan options and alternatives throughout the menu. Thomas is very aware of the fast-changing eating preferences of the general public, “Veganism is a huge focus currently and the necessity to provide a vegan alternative has increased therefore the menu is based on the premise that the majority of dishes are naturally vegan with the option of adding a meat or protein”.

The updated menu certainly has been carefully chosen, attentive to the every day need of the public who are conscious of the food they are eating. Head Chef Michael is constantly keeping tabs on trends and understands the needs of a lifestyle focused diner, “I am continuously seeking advanced knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to creatively and confidently innovate in food service, for health and wellness, in line with current food and dietary trends for seeking an applied approach to linking science and research with cooking.”

The Carriage @ The Alex Hotel is open from 12pm – 10pm
The Alex Hotel, 41 – 47 Fenian Street, Dublin 2

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